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  In 2004 when I moved into a home in Bracebridge the property needed extensive landscaping.  I hired Brackenrig Landscaping to design, build and plant the landscape.  At the time Jenn was the planting supervisor for the landscaping company. In her capacity she worked very closely with the landscape designer in chosing not only the right plants, shrubs and trees but also where they were planted within the landscape. The finished landscape is beautiful and more than met my expectations. Over the years I have done extensions to the original landscape as well as adding new landscaping to other areas of my property. In every case Jenn was in charge of the planting as well as being very involved with the choice of what was planted and where it was planted and in every case I was more than happy with the finished product.


  Gardens require much more than just planting trees shrubs and plants. Gardens require on going care and maintenance to keep them healthy and beautiful. They need feeding, cultivating, weeding and pruning. The lawns that surround, and set off, the gardens also need feeding, weeding and mowing. The landscaping company that Jenn worked for, for ten years, did not have an on going property maintenance program. Recognizing the need for on going care to maximize the health and beauty of both lawns and gardens led Jenn to opening her own property maintenance company.

  Having experienced the care and quality of Jenn's work since 2004 I would highly recommend her to any property owner, landscape designer and landscape contractor.


Doug Cross - Bracebridge

  My 30 year old perennial garden was a total mess and even my newer gardens were in sorry disrepair but Jenn was not put off at all - rather she saw it as a challenge and worked with great gusto for days until the gardens were transformed. It was the extra touches that really made it a great all round service. She was diligent, reliable and very pleasant to work with.


  Jenn more than exceeded my expectations and now I have a beautiful garden that can be maintained easily. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jay-Jay's Gardens and Maintenance. What a brilliant result. I could not be more pleased. Jenn's attention to detail, courteous manner and pride in her work is something very rare in this day and age. If you need any gardening work done you won't, in my opinion, find anyone better.


Joy McCormack - Milford Bay

  I had been puttering at gardening for 10 years. This year with two weddings and bridal shower taking place at my home, I knew that I had to call a professional. I picked up an eye-catching brochure one day and gave Jay-Jay's a call. Jenn came out right away and after a few minutes, I knew I was in good hands. She is knowledgeable, experienced, professional and very personable.


  We talked about my goals and she listened. All the plants were removed to a tarp, new soil, etc. was added and then replanted along with many new plants. New gardens were created where there weren't any to tie in with the existing landscaping. I liked that and the fact that she took into consideration what would be in bloom at the time of the weddings. She nailed it!

  I asked for not only Spring and Fall maintenance but bi-weekly maintenance during the summer, as I didn't have time do much more than water. The work was done on the agreed upon day no matter the weather and as a result, my home looks magnificent.


  The result is beyond my expectations. I recommend Jay-Jay's to everyone who asks.


Deborah Billinghurst - Ufford

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