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Jay - Jay's Gardens and Maintenance provides clients with the opportunity to improve the look of their seasonal or residential property with either the complete overhaul of existing gardens, the addition of new ones OR with the planting of recently constructed hardscapes.  We also offers clients the opportunity to have a scheduled maintenance program.


We offer a wide array of Softscaping services including:


* Creation of New Garden Spaces

* Revitalizing Existing Garden spaces

* Planting and/or Detailing of New and Existing Hardscapes

* Re-Naturalizing damaged, existing and new areas

* Planting of Perennials, Annuals, Shrubs and Small Trees

Spring & Fall Clean-up

Tired of spending your first and last few weeks of good weather raking leaves?  This year think about hiring Jay-Jay's Gardens and Maintenance to take care of all your Spring and/or Fall Clean-Up needs! 


* Raking and/or blowing of leaves

* Cutting back of Perennials and Pruning

* Mowing and Trimming of Turf Areas

* Dethatching and Overseeding

Free Estimates

Call us today to discuss what changes you would like to make to your gardens or the kind of Maintenance Program you had in mind for your property.  We have the unique experience of not only working and living in Muskoka but of also being a cottager in Muskoka and as such are familiar with the needs and wants of local and seasonal residents.



Weekly and Bi-Weekly Maintenance programs designed for your needs and wants are available!


* Lawn Cutting

* Weeding and Cultivating

* Deadheading

* Pruning

Sod or Seed

Have you recently had a new Hardscape installed and lost your lawn along the way? Is your lawn looking more brown than green? You have options and we can help!


* Overseeding

* Re-grading of existing turf areas

* Repairing damage caused by machines or human error.

* Creating new Turf areas

Design & Lighting

While we don't have a Landscape Designer on staff at Jay-Jay's Gardens and Maintenance we do know of an incredible, industry certified Landscape Designer.  Former co-worker and good friend Elaine Vida from Exteriors by Elaine.  


Finding your property a little too in the dark? Muskoka Rocks has all your Natural Granite Lighting needs.  Dave and Joy Denhartogh would be happy to subtly light up your life!


For more information please click on their logos on our "About" Page.

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